27 Seconds Winery

27 Seconds - North Canterbury

This fresh North Canterbury winemaker has values of empowerment and social justice at the forefront of their operations. 27Seconds give 100% of their profits to organisations that advocate for freedom from slavery and support the survivors who make it through.

The name comes from the statistic that a vulnerable person is either sold or trafficked into slavery every 27 seconds. Delicious wine going to a fantastic cause.

27 Seconds Website

Akarua Wines

Akarua - Central Otago

Located in the beautiful alpine region of Central Otago in the South Island, Akarua was established in 1996 amongst a small band of pioneering vineyards. With estates in the ‘Grand Cru’ of Bannockburn – in Felton Rd and Cairnmuir Rd – and the Pisa subregion including a certified organic block; Akarua has enviable and diverse terroir from which to draw.

Akarua is a progressive, family-owned winery focused on producing pinot noir and sparkling wine speaking proudly of their unique origin and the dedicated and experienced Akarua team. Lavished with awards and accolades every year, Akarua’s wines are exceptional quality and enjoyed across the world

Akarua Wines Website

Allan Scott Family Winemakers

Allan Scott Family Winemakers – Marlborough

Located in Marlborough, Allan Scott Family Winemakers is one of New Zealand’s most iconic wine brands. 100% privately owned and operated by the Scott family, Allan Scott operate vineyards in both Marlborough and Central Otago.

Innovation and a passion for delivering affordable quality still wines and Methode Traditionelle across a wide audience is their passion.

Allan Scott Family Winemakers Website

Ara Wines

ARA Wines – Marlborough

Sitting on the edge of the world, Marlborough’s extreme climate can present challenges. However, the winemaking and viticulture teams at Ara embrace challenge and use it to create intensely flavoured wines that reflect the purity from the place they come from. Pure Marlborough.

Ara Wines Website

Ataahua Wines

Ataahua Wines – North Canterbury

The Maori translation of Ataahua is beautiful, picturesque, a place of beauty – so appropriate to the valley, the vineyard and the wines alike.

Ataahua Wine’s philosophy is to translate and express the beauty of the vineyard and area into wines that people can absolutely enjoy. These wines are hand crafted with the utmost care from the vine to the bottled fine wine!

Ataahua Wines Website

Black Estate Wines

Black Estate – North Canterbury

Black Estate is family owned, with three organic & biodynamic vineyards on clay – limestone soils in North Canterbury. They’re set on making wines true to the place they grow.

The winemaking is simple – healthy estate grown fruit, hand picked, vineyard derived yeasts, no additives or fining, minimal sulphur (often none) and not much filtering. Through stringent dedication to the winemaking process, they produce wines with unrivalled character and feature Biogro 5202 certification.

Black Estate Wines Website

Black Ridge Vineyards

Black Ridge Vineyard – Central Otago

Pioneers, brave, fighters. These are words used to describe the founders of Black Ridge, one of the Southernmost vineyards in the world and the oldest in Central Otago. Now with almost 40 years’ vine age and experience, Black Ridge Vineyard produce wines with a sense of place which are hand-crafted from the schist hills overlooking Alexandra Basin.

Black Ridge Vineyard Website

Caythorpe Family Estate

Caythorpe Family Estate – Marlborough

Caythorpe Family Estate on the Wairau Plains, Marlborough, has been farmed by the Bishell family for five generations – since they planted their first vines in 1987. Originally, grapes were on-sold but in 2015 Simon and Scott Bishell sought new challenges, shortly after creating their own label which is adored across the country.

Caythorpe Family Estate Website

CharRees Vineyard

CharRees Vineyard – Canterbury

CharRees Vineyard is a family owned vineyard just South of Ashburton on State Highway 1. Charlie and the team invite you to come and taste their rich mid-Canterbury wines which are produced from selectively hand-harvested grapes for optimum flavour.

CharRees Vineyard Website

Domain Road Vineyard

Domain Road Vineyard – Central Otago

Domain Road Vineyard produces a range of wines from two vineyards in Bannockburn, Central Otago. As a family owned and run business it is dedicated to an artisanal approach to producing wine. This attention to detail has decorated the vineyard with a string of awards for its wines. There are 9 different wines from grapes grown exclusively on their own vineyards.

Domain Road Vineyard Website

Dunstan Road Wines

Dunstan Road Wines – Central Otago

Dunstan Road is a boutique 2-hectare vineyard and winery situated in the Alexandra Basin, Central Otago. The vines and wines are hand- crafted with minimal machine or chemical input ensuring a personal touch flows through each bottle.

Dunstan Road Wines Facebook

Forrest Wines

Forrest Wines – Marlborough

Everything that is good about Marlborough is encapsulated in a bottle of Forrest Wines. Fresh, flavourful and pristine with a strong sense of place, these wines express the best of both grape variety and what the Marlborough region has to offer.

Forrest Wines Website

Georges Road Wines

Georges Road Wines – North Canterbury

Georges Road Wines produces a range of handcrafted, single-vineyard wines from the heart of the Waipara Valley wines. A festival-regular, Georges Road return this year with show-stopping examples of their Pinot Gris, Syrah, Riesling, Rosé and Pinot Noir varietals.

Georges Road Wines Website

Giesen Wines

Giesen Wines – Marlborough

From their first vintage in 1984 the three Giesen brothers have created great wines. Now whatever the occasion, there’s a Giesen Wine for you to enjoy.

Giesen Wines Website

Greystone Wines

Greystone Wines – North Canterbury

Perched on Waipara’s limestone hills, Greystone Wines is an organic winery committed to producing beautiful wine which honours the land it’s grown on.

Greystone is home to New Zealand’s 2018 Winemaker of the Year, Dom Maxwell, and some of New Zealand’s most internationally-acclaimed wines: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Barrel Fermented Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

Greystone Wines Website

Hunters Wines

Hunter's Wines – Marlborough

Hunter’s Wines are recognised as one of the pioneers of the Marlborough wine industry and one of New Zealand’s best known family owned wineries.

Established in 1979, Hunter’s Wines have won over 200 Gold Medals and more than 30 Trophies. Still at the helm today is highly acclaimed Jane Hunter, CNZM; OBE and her nephews James and Edward Macdonald.

Hunter’s Wines Website

Judge Rock Wines

Judge Rock Wines – Central Otago

Elegant. Sensuous. Intimate. A romance not a blockbuster, feminine not masculine, balance not power, family not corporate, love not lust. Multi award winning winemaker Judge Rock boasts gold medals from Decanter, International Wines and Spirits Challenge and the Air New Zealand Wine awards.

They’ve snagged double trophies for Best Pinot Noir and Best Red Wine from the Australian & New Zealand Boutique Wine Show. Described by many as the Higgs Boson of Pinot Noir, Judge Rock’s incredible success belies their modest size.

Judge Rock Wines Website

Kalex Wines

Kalex Wines – Central Otago

Wine made with passion using non-interventionist methods – wine that truly reflects a sense of time and place. Situated in the stunning Gibbston Valley, Central Otago; Kalex Wines focus on producing exceptional wine.

Kalex Wines Website

Lawson Dry Hills

Lawson Dry Hills - Marlborough

Recently celebrating a quarter-century making world-renowned wines, the hands-on team at Lawson’s Dry Hills are a humble bunch, quietly proud of the trophies and medals that reflect their efforts. These expressive wines are an authentic representation of both the grape variety and the land from which they are grown.

Lawson’s Dry Hills Website

Lone Goat Vineyards

Lone Goat Vineyards - North Canterbury

Lone Goat, based in Burnham 20 minutes south of Christchurch, is producing internationally recognised wines for you to enjoy in NZ. Boutique wines for everyday people!

Lone Goat Vineyards

Main Divide

Main Divide – North Canterbury

Main Divide is the local name for the Southern Alps that form the backbone of the South Island. Wines for Main Divide are sourced from selected growers around North Canterbury chosen for their ability to express unique regional and varietal characters. The wines are made by the Donaldson family at their Waipara Valley winery.

Main Divide Website

Maori Point Wines

Maori Point Wines – Central Otago

Innovative and distinctive wines, grown and made onsite at a stunning riverside vineyard near Wanaka in Central Otago. Environmentally-thoughtful viticulture and artisanal winemaking are used to produce a wide range of iconic wines including Gold Digger, an encapsulating Sparkling Pinot Gris and you simply can’t look past the Maori Point Wines’ award winning Pinot Noir.

Maori Point Wines Website

McArthur Ridge Wines

McArthur Ridge – Central Otago

With their keen eye honed solely to the tune of the Pinot Noir varietal, it’s no wonder McArthur Ridge is quickly becoming known for their hand-crafted vintages. Pouring since the 2006 vintage, McArthur Ridge limits its’ winemaker to only the finest hand-picked grapes, producing impeccable expressions of the Central Otago region.

McArthur Ridge Facebook

Melton Estate Wines

Melton Estate – Canterbury

Melton Estate is just 20 minutes West of the Christchurch City Centre in the suburb of West Melton. Operating from their beautiful winery and events venue, Melton Estate are a regular feature in the homes of many Cantabrians.

Their biggest hit is not to be missed – the true taste of Summer is encapsulated in their Summer Love Sparkling.

Melton Estate Website

Mischief With Wine

Mischief With Wine – Canterbury

Two couples, two Winemakers, two Paramedics and two sisters making wine out of North Canterbury and getting up to a bit Mischief along the way. Intrigued? You should be.

Mischief With Wine Website

Mount Brown Estates

Mount Brown Estates – North Canterbury

Mount Brown Estates is a family owned winery from North Canterbury producing stunning Pinot Noir and aromatic wines from its three vineyards.

Mount Brown Estates Website

Mount Michael Wines

Mount Michael Wines – Central Otago

Mount Michael Wines specialise in making premium, small batch Pinot Noir’s, Pinot Gris and Pinot Rose. Using single vineyard fruit from the Lowburn, Bendigo and Gibbston sub regions, our wines are expressive of the land they come from and are treasured by all who know them.

Mount Brown Estates Website

Mount Beautiful Wines

Mt. Beautiful Wines – North Canterbury

Mt. Beautiful wines are not only different from most New Zealand wines by way of their North Canterbury location, but they are also different in style. The wine style captures the essence of New Zealand while embracing a more restrained approach, with harmony and balance.

Mount Beautiful Wines Website

Pegasus Bay

Pegasus Bay – North Canterbury

Pegasus Bay is owned and operated by the Donaldson family who were pioneers of the local wine industry. Often referred to as the leading producer of fine wine in the region, Pegasus Bay produces complex and full flavoured wines with character from their home vineyard which is now more than 30 years old.

Pegasus Bay Website

Peregrine Wines

Peregrine Wines – Central Otago

Peregrine is a privately owned, Central Otago winery dedicated to the production of premium Pinot Noir and a range of aromatic whites. Organic farming is fundamental to every level of viticulture, with a holistic approach that integrates crop and livestock farming.

Peregrine Wines is named in honour of New Zealand’s endemic falcon, a bird without rival or fear.

Peregrine Wines Website

Rapaura Springs

Rapaura Springs – Marlborough

Water from the snow-capped mountains above Marlborough has a six-month journey, filtering through bedrock, emerging crystal clear in an oasis adjacent to the Rapaura Springs Vineyard. Each bottle of Rapaura Springs wine tells a story of a lifetime in Marlborough – of water and wine, and working with nature.

Rapaura Springs Website

Silver Wing Wines

Silver Wing Wines – Canterbury

Silver Wing Wines are one of the first New Zealand producers of natural wines without preservatives or chemical additions. Silver Wing have been designing wines from vines of distinguished 20-year maturity and working almost exclusively with barrels.

Unfiltered, unfined, without sulphite additions, the flavours in these wines are a pure expression of North Canterbury terrior, its river gravels, clay and limestone slopes.

Silver Wing Wines Website

Spy Valley Wines

Spy Valley Wines – Marlborough

Spy Valley wines are sustainably produced by one of Marlborough’s few remaining 100% Kiwi family owned wine companies, with a reputation for consistently making award-winning wines.

Like most Marlborough wineries, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc are Spy Valley specialties but chief winemaker and aromatic fanatic Paul Bourgeois and his team, have set a benchmark for New Zealand aromatic whites.

Spy Valley Wines Website

Straight 8 Estate

Straight 8 Estate – Canterbury

Straight 8 Estate a unique vine to bottle vineyard situated in Central Canterbury producing a select range of single vineyard wines. Straight 8 Estates dedication to good vineyard management delivers seriously drinkable wines for many to enjoy.

Straight 8 Estate Website

Sugar Loaf Wines

Sugar Loaf – Marlborough

Sugar Loaf Wines is a small family owned winery in the heart of Marlborough’s classic grape growing region; Rapaura. Producing estate grown, award-winning Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and their estate grown late harvest Riesling.

Sugar Loaf Wines Website

Te Kano Estate

Te Kano – Central Otago

Like all who come here, the Lloyd Family fell in love with the other-worldly beauty of Central Otago – the land and the lifestyle. Their name, Te Kano is Maori for seed.

It reflects our commitment to the rejuvenation of the land they call home. Te Kano wines are a sensory experience that really couldn’t come from anywhere else.

Te Kano Estate Website

Terrace Edge Vineyard

Terrace Edge – Canterbury

Terrace Edge is a family-owned premium producer of organic wines in North Canterbury, recently awarded NZ Organic Vineyard of the Year. They will be showcasing their range of wines which includes Albarino, Syrah & St Laurent. Taste the dramatic landscape, captured in liquid form.

Terrace Edge Website

The Boneline

The Boneline – North Canterbury

Old vines growing through multi-terraced river gravels – winding through an ancient landscape of creatures & peoples. Hand-grown handmade wines from folk in love with this spectacular powerful terrain & terroir.

Exposed to many micro-climates, crafting many varietals, The Boneline share with you their diverse collection of sensational wines this December!

The Boneline Website

The Crater Rim

The Crater Rim – North Canterbury

The Crater Rim is a family owned boutique winery creating high quality, site-specific wines of individual character and drinkability, with its own vineyards situated in both the Omihi Hills and Waipara, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

The Crater Rim Website

The Winemakers Wife

The Winemaker’s Wife – North Canterbury

Winemaker Simon McGeorge and his wife Olive Hill are the creative force behind Waipara brand The Winemaker’s Wife. Their approach to winemaking combines their love of classic varieties with new world wine making techniques. The result is a range of quality wines, crafted for the taste conscious.

The Winemaker’s Wife Website

Thornbury Wines

Thornbury – Marlborough

Thornbury make wines that are first and foremost enjoyable to drink; wines that go well with food and wines that simply celebrate life. They’ve created a range of premium and easy drinking wines by simply matching New Zealand’s favourite grape varieties with their iconic wine regions.

The image of the dancing piper which adorns Thornbury’s bottles is Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine; he represents the fun and expressive character that epitomises their wine.

Thornbury Wines Website

Tiki Wine & Vineyards

Tiki Wine & Vineyards – Canterbury

The Tiki whanau are an indigenous New Zealand wine producer committed to sustainable winegrowing with an uncompromising commitment to quality. We care for our vines under the guiding Maori principles of Kaitiakitanga: guardianship, protection and preservation of the earth.

Our focus is on ensuring that we put more back into the land than what we take. Tiki are farmers at heart, nurturing the elements that make their grapes unique. Tiki Wines are truly the Taonga (Treasure) of New Zealand.

Tiki Wine & Vineyards Website

Toi Toi Wines

Toi Toi Wines – Marlborough

Toi Toi Wines are family owned with a mission to deliver the best wines from the best regions in New Zealand. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Otago Pinot Noir feature strongly in the long-savoured Toi Toi Wines repertoir. Quality is the mantra at all levels from growing grapes in the vineyard to curating delicious wines.

Toi Toi Wines Website

Torlesse Wines

Torlesse Wines – North Canterbury

Torlesse produces 100% Estate grown wines from Waipara. They’re known for their diverse whites, Pinot Noir and a 10-year old Tawny. Established in 1991, Torlesse are one of the oldest Wineries in Waipara.

Torlesse Wines Website

TOSQ Wines

TOSQ – Central Otago

TOSQ is passionately committed to organic farming, producing wines with interest and individuality from their BioGro certified vineyards situated in the Pisa sub-region of Central Otago. Of special interest is an orange/amber wine they make from Flora, a rare grape variety that is a cross between Semillon and Gewürztraminer.

TOSQ Wines Website

Two Rivers Of Marlborough

Two Rivers – Marlborough

Two Rivers takes its name from the iconic rivers that feed Marlborough -the Wairau and Awatere Rivers. Winemaker David Clouston aims to capture and emphasise Marlborough’s intense power while producing complex, elegant wines with a slight European flair. This artful winemaking style becomes especially evident in the Two Rivers ‘Isle of Beauty’ Rosé – New Zealand’s most admired Rosé.

Two Rivers Of Marlborough Website

Wet Jacket Wines

Wet Jacket Wines – Central Otago

The Wet Jacket brand is a unique concept reverencing the history of farming in Central Otago and the early European history of New Zealand while celebrating the modern wine industry of today.

Wet Jacket Wines Website