27 Seconds Winery

27 Seconds - North Canterbury

If you like the idea of your wine choice making the world a better place, visit 27seconds. Seriously good wine, with a life changing impact. 100% of their profits go to organisations working to end modern day slavery. The name comes from the statistic that a person is either sold or trafficked into slavery every 27 seconds.

27 Seconds Website

Akarua Wines

Akarua - Central Otago

Akarua is a premium wine producer from Bannockburn, Central Otago showcasing a selection of award-winning wines such as Pinot Noir, Methode Traditionelle Sparkling Wine, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

Akarua Wines Website

Allan Scott Family Winemakers

Allan Scott Family Winemakers – Marlborough

Located in Marlborough, Allan Scott Family Winemakers is one of New Zealand’s most iconic wine brands. 100% privately owned and operated by the Scott family, Allan Scott operate vineyards in both Marlborough and Central Otago.

Innovation and a passion for delivering affordable quality still wines and Methode Traditionelle across a wide audience is their passion.

Allan Scott Family Winemakers Website

Ataahua Wines

Ataahua Wines – North Canterbury

Ataahua means beautiful, picturesque, a place of beauty – so appropriate to the Waipara Valley, the vineyard and the wines alike. The company philosophy is to translate and express the beauty of the vineyard into wines that people can relate to and absolutely enjoy. Hand tended vines and carefully handcrafted wines have produced a range of unique and delicious wines from North Canterbury.

Ataahua Wines Website

Black Cottage Wines – Marlborough

Black Cottage are dedicated to producing wines full of ‘gusto’. Combining select parcels of fruit from the Awatere and the Wairau Valleys of Marlborough, they strive to create very special wines which are approachable and delicious.

Black Cottage Wines Website

Black Estate Wines

Black Estate – North Canterbury

Black Estate is family owned, with three organic & biodynamic vineyards on clay – limestone soils in North Canterbury. Black Estate is set on making wines true to the place they grow. The winemaking is simple – healthy estate grown fruit, hand-picked, vineyard derived yeasts, no additives or fining, minimal sulphur (sometimes none) and not much filtering. That what makes wines with character. Biogro 5202.

Black Estate Wines Website

Caythorpe Family Estate

Caythorpe Family Estate – Marlborough

In 1876 David Bishell emigrated to NZ in search of a better life. He purchased land in the heart of the Wairau Plains and named it Caythorpe after his home village in England. Five generations later and still 100% family owned, Caythorpe now also boasts 110ha of world class vineyard and 2ha of a premium cherry orchard.

Caythorpe Family Estate Website

CharRees Vineyard

CharRees Vineyard – Canterbury

CharRees Vineyard is a family owned small vineyard on the south side of Ashburton, of which the wines are single vineyard wines that are produced from grapes that are selectively hand-picked. Get a taste of the terroir of Ashburton.

CharRees Vineyard Website

Eradus Wines – Marlborough

In a valley forged by fault lines, carved by winds, drenched by sun and cooled by the Pacific Ocean, Eradus wines are the essence of the Awatere Valley.

Eradus Wines Website

Forrest Wines

Forrest Wines – Marlborough

Everything that is good about Marlborough is encapsulated in a bottle of Forrest Wines. Fresh, flavourful and pristine with a strong sense of place, these wines express the best of both grape variety and what the Marlborough region has to offer.

Forrest Wines Website

Georges Road Wines

Georges Road Wines – North Canterbury

George Road Wines is a quality focussed winery from North Canterbury producing a range of delicious, award winning and popular wines – Rosé, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Syrah.

Georges Road Wines Website

Giesen Wines

Giesen & Ara Wines – Marlborough

From their first vintage in 1984 the three Giesen brothers have created great wines. Now whatever the occasion, there’s a Giesen Wine for you to enjoy. Ara wines reflect the purity of the place they come from. One Place. Pure Marlborough. Come and try for yourself!

Giesen Wines Website

Greystone Wines

Greystone Wines – North Canterbury

Established in 2004, Greystone is best known for their ground-breaking Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc; and award-winning Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Gris. Their approach is to let the different elements essential to the vineyard and season tell a story in the bottle. In 2018, Greystone was named New Zealand’s Winery of the Year and winemaker, Dom Maxwell, won the title of New Zealand’s 2018 Winemaker of the Year.

Greystone Wines Website

Hunters Wines

Hunter's Wines – Marlborough

Hunter’s Wines are recognized as one of the pioneers of the Marlborough wine industry and one of New Zealand’s best known family owned wineries. 2014 marked Hunter’s Wines 30th vintage. Hunter’s wines now boasts over 185 gold medals, more than 30 trophies and innumerable international awards and accolades. Hunter Wines are still breaking new ground today.

Hunter’s Wines Website

Judge Rock Wines

Judge Rock Wines – Central Otago

Elegant Sensuous Intimate. A romance not a blockbuster, feminine not masculine, balance not power, family not corporate, and love not lust. The gravity of their pinot belies the size they are the Higgs Boson of Pinot Noir. Award winning organic Alexandra vineyard offering Pinot Noir, Rose, Blanc de Pinot, St Laurent and Port.

Judge Rock Wines Website

Kalex Wines

Kalex Wines – Central Otago

Wine made without fining or filtration with minimal sulphur additions, these wines truly reflect a sense of place. With vineyards situated in the stunning Gibbston Valley and Bannockburn, Central Otago; Kalex Wines focus on producing exceptional, authentic wines.

Kalex Wines Website

Lone Goat Vineyards

Lone Goat Vineyards - North Canterbury

Lone Goat, based in Burnham 20 minutes south of Christchurch, is producing internationally recognised wines for you to enjoy in NZ. Boutique wines for everyday people!

Lone Goat Vineyards

Main Divide

Main Divide – North Canterbury

Main Divide is the local name for the Southern Alps that form the backbone of the South Island. Wines for Main Divide are sourced from selected growers around North Canterbury chosen for their ability to express unique regional and varietal characters. The wines are made by the Donaldson family at their Waipara Valley winery.

Main Divide Website

Maori Point Wines

Maori Point Wines – Central Otago

Maori Point is a stunning small vineyard and winery on the Clutha River in Central Otago. All wines are grown and made on site, by the people who own and love the place. Specialties are Pinot Noir (of course!) and the lovely Gold Digger, a unique sparkling Pinot Gris in a beer bottle.

Maori Point Wines Website

McArthur Ridge Wines

McArthur Ridge – Central Otago

Located in the heart of the mountainous New Zealand Central Otago region, McArthur Ridge is dedicated to producing outstanding Pinot Noirs. The first plantings were in 2002. The first vintage was produced in 2006. While the production is large only a small percentage of carefully selected, handpicked grapes finish up in the hands of the Winemaker for the McArthur Ridge Label.

McArthur Ridge Facebook

Melton Estate Wines

Melton Estate – Canterbury

Melton Estate is just 20 minutes west from of Christchurch City in the suburbs of West Melton. Their biggest hit is not to be missed – the true taste of summer is encapsulated in their Summer Love Sparkling.

Melton Estate Website

Mischief With Wine

Mischief With Wine – Canterbury

Two couples, two Winemakers, two Paramedics and two sisters making wine out of North Canterbury and getting up to a bit Mischief along the way.

Mischief With Wine Website

Mon Cheval Wines – North Canterbury

A boutique 2.2 ha Waipara vineyard developed principally to produce beautiful, expertly cellared Pinot Noir to be released near their peak, Mon Cheval enjoys a growing reputation. From hand harvesting to minimal winery intervention, every effort is made to produce a quality wine. Now also produced are Rose’ and Riesling.

Mon Cheval Website

Mount Michael Wines

Mount Michael Wines – Central Otago

Mount Michael is the southernmost peak of the Pisa Range and guards Kawarau Gorge, the entrance to the Cromwell Basin, overlooking the subregions in which the wine is grown. Distinctively Central Otago; Mount Michael Wines are expressive of the land they come from and are treasured by all that know them.

Mount Brown Estates Website

Mount Beautiful Wines

Mt. Beautiful Winery – North Canterbury

Beautiful wine comes from a beautiful place. Mt. Beautiful wines are the expression of the wild, rugged and breathtakingly scenic region of North Canterbury. Certified-sustainable and estate-grown, these distinctively restrained wines let the pure terroir shine through. Only eleven kilometres from the ocean, the vineyards are protected from harsh sea winds by their benevolent namesake, Mt. Beautiful.

Mount Beautiful Wines Website

Pegasus Bay

Pegasus Bay – North Canterbury

Pegasus Bay is owned and operated by the Donaldson family who were pioneers of the local wine industry. Often referred to as the leading producer of fine wine in the region, Pegasus Bay produces complex and full flavoured wines with character from their home vineyard which is now more than 34 years old.

Pegasus Bay Website

Peregrine Wines

Peregrine Wines – Central Otago

Peregrine is a privately owned Central Otago winery, dedicated to the production of premium Pinot Noir and a range of aromatic white wines. Organic farming is fundamental to every level of viticulture, with a holistic approach that integrates crop and livestock farming.

Peregrine Wines Website

Prophets Rock – Central Otago

Prophet’s Rock use traditional methods to make wines that give voice to the vineyards they come from. Located in the Bendigo sub-region of Central Otago, the Prophet’s Rock Home Vineyard and Rocky Point sites are both steep, elevated and distinctive. Taste their delicious wines including their award winning Pinot Gris.

Prophets Rock Website

Rapaura Springs

Rapaura Springs – Marlborough

Rapaura Springs is a family owned winery based in the heart of Marlborough, Rapaura, New Zealand. Each bottle of Rapaura Springs tells a story of a lifetime in Marlborough — of water and wine and working with nature. Wines made by family, filled with resilience and realised dreams, of bettering their best and breaking boundaries. Discovering new things and savouring the moment.

Rapaura Springs Website

Red Leaf Winery – Canterbury

Red Leaf Winery produces hand-crafted Reserve Pinot Noir of exceptional terroir from Banks Peninsula and will be supplying a range of old, young, sweet and dry Rieslings.

Red Leaf Winery Website

Silver Wing Wines

Silver Wing Wines – Canterbury

Silver Wing Wines are a boutique North Canterbury winery producing natural wines using traditional methods to produce Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

Silver Wing Wines Website

Spy Valley Wines

Spy Valley Wines – Marlborough

Spy Valley wines are sustainably produced by one of Marlborough’s few remaining 100% Kiwi family owned wine companies, with a reputation for consistently making award-winning wines.

Like most Marlborough wineries, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc are Spy Valley specialties but chief winemaker and aromatic fanatic Paul Bourgeois and his team, have set a benchmark for New Zealand aromatic whites.

Spy Valley Wines Website

Somertons Sting Sparkling Honey Mead

Somertons Sparkling Honey Mead is produced using honey sourced entirely from Mt Somers Station, naturally fermented and bottled at the Sugar Loaf Winery in Marlborough. The flagship product “Sting” is a lower alcohol, crisp, dry refreshing drop – perfect for summer sipping.

Straight 8 Estate

Straight 8 Estate – Canterbury

Straight 8 Estate was established 15 years ago by Mary Jamieson and James Shand. For the past 15 years, Straight 8 has been a self-sustainable vineyard. From growing to bottling it’s all done on site making it one of only a handful of producers of 100% Cantabrian wine.

Straight 8 Estate Website

Sugar Loaf Wines

Sugar Loaf – Marlborough

Sugar Loaf Wines is a small family owned winery in the heart of Marlborough’s classic wine growing region, Rapaura. Started in 2006 by the then 25 year old Kate Acland, today Sugar Loaf has 21 ha of estate vineyards growing Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Also producing late harvest desert wines and Sparkling.

Sugar Loaf Wines Website

Summerhouse Wines – Marlborough

Life can be busy and it’s important that we take a few moments to relax. Summerhouse Marlborough wines are made for those moments, to be enjoyed at the end of the day or on the weekend. Share it with family and friends, or not!

Summerhouse Wines Website

Te Kano Estate

Te Kano – Central Otago

Like all who come here, the Lloyd Family fell in love with the other-worldly beauty of Central Otago – the land and the lifestyle. The name, Te Kano is Maori for seed. It reflects their commitment to the rejuvenation of the land we call home. Their wines are a sensory experience that could come from nowhere else.

Te Kano Estate Website

Terrace Edge Vineyard

Terrace Edge – Canterbury

Terrace Edge, in North Canterbury, was NZ’s Organic Vineyard of the Year in 2018. They pride themselves on producing artisan wines through gentle, traditional winemaking methods. The result is some of NZ’s most flavoursome and complex wines, including Albarino, Syrah & St Laurent.

Terrace Edge Website

The Boneline

The Boneline – North Canterbury

The Boneline – hand grown, hand made – all on-site, upstream along the geological wonders of the Waipara River. Landscape and wine both multi-layered, intriguing and beguiling. Alluring new release wines alongside old favourites. Come discover the spectacular vineyard walkway over summer.

The Boneline Website

The Crater Rim

The Crater Rim – North Canterbury

The Crater Rim is a family owned boutique winery in Canterbury New Zealand with its own vineyards situated in both Omihi Hills and Waipara. Their wines are produced from selected sites, creating site-specific wines of individual character and drinkability.

The Crater Rim Website

The Winemakers Wife

The Winemaker’s Wife – North Canterbury

The Winemaker’s Wife brand is the creation of Christchurch couple, Simon McGeorge (Winemaker) and Olive Hill (Wife). Their label celebrates partnership and fun! Their wines are elegant, easy drinking styles that showcase Simon’s winemaking talent and Olive’s social flair. The newest addition to their range is a 2018 Waipara Chardonnay.

The Winemaker’s Wife Website

Toi Toi Wines

Toi Toi Wines – Marlborough / Central Otago

Toi Toi Wines are family owned with a mission to deliver the best wines from the best regions in New Zealand like Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Otago Pinot Noir. Quality is the mantra at all levels from growing grapes in the vineyard to winemaking and customer service.

Toi Toi Wines Website

Torlesse Wines

Torlesse Wines – North Canterbury

Torlesse is a 100% Estate, grown, made and bottled in Waipara, North Canterbury. Their range includes an extensive selection of aromatic whites, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Merlot red wines. The 10 year old Tawny and Cassis Liqueur are also unique.

Torlesse Wines Website

Two Rivers Of Marlborough

Two Rivers – Marlborough

Two Rivers of Marlborough takes its name from the iconic rivers that feed Marlborough’s Wairau and Awatere Valleys. Winemaker, David Clouston aims to capture and emphasise Marlborough’s intense power, while producing complex, elegant wines with a slight European flair.

Two Rivers Of Marlborough Website

Villa Maria Wines

From a one-man band to a global brand in 50 years. Sir George Fistonich made his first wine under the name Villa Maria in 1962. Today, Villa Maria employs more than 250 permanent staff, grows 28 different grape varieties, and exports wine to over 60 countries worldwide.

Villa Maria Wines Website

Wet Jacket Wines

Wet Jacket Wines – Central Otago

The Wet Jacket brand is a unique concept reverencing the history of farming in Central Otago and the early European history of New Zealand while celebrating the modern wine industry of today.

Wet Jacket Wines Website