27 Seconds Winery

27 Seconds - North Canterbury

This fresh North Canterbury winemaker has values of empowerment and social justice at the forefront of their operations. 27Seconds give 100% of their profits to organisations that advocate for freedom from slavery and support the survivors who make it through.

The name comes from the statistic that a vulnerable person is either sold or trafficked into slavery every 27 seconds. Delicious wine going to a fantastic cause.

27 Seconds Website

Ataahua Wines

Ataahua Wines – North Canterbury

The Maori translation of Ataahua is beautiful, picturesque, a place of beauty – so appropriate to the valley, the vineyard and the wines alike.

Ataahua Wine’s philosophy is to translate and express the beauty of the vineyard and area into wines that people can absolutely enjoy. These wines are hand crafted with the utmost care from the vine to the bottled fine wine!

Ataahua Wines Website

Black Estate Wines

Black Estate – North Canterbury

Black Estate is family owned, with three organic & biodynamic vineyards on clay – limestone soils in North Canterbury. They’re set on making wines true to the place they grow.

The winemaking is simple – healthy estate grown fruit, hand picked, vineyard derived yeasts, no additives or fining, minimal sulphur (often none) and not much filtering. Through stringent dedication to the winemaking process, they produce wines with unrivalled character and feature Biogro 5202 certification.

Black Estate Wines Website

Georges Road Wines

Georges Road Wines – North Canterbury

Georges Road Wines produces a range of handcrafted, single-vineyard wines from the heart of the Waipara Valley wines. A festival-regular, Georges Road return this year with show-stopping examples of their Pinot Gris, Syrah, Riesling, Rosé and Pinot Noir varietals.

Georges Road Wines Website

Greystone Wines

Greystone Wines – North Canterbury

Perched on Waipara’s limestone hills, Greystone Wines is an organic winery committed to producing beautiful wine which honours the land it’s grown on.

Greystone is home to New Zealand’s 2018 Winemaker of the Year, Dom Maxwell, and some of New Zealand’s most internationally-acclaimed wines: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Barrel Fermented Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

Greystone Wines Website

Lone Goat Vineyards

Lone Goat Vineyards - North Canterbury

Lone Goat, based in Burnham 20 minutes south of Christchurch, is producing internationally recognised wines for you to enjoy in NZ. Boutique wines for everyday people!

Lone Goat Vineyards

Main Divide

Main Divide – North Canterbury

Main Divide is the local name for the Southern Alps that form the backbone of the South Island. Wines for Main Divide are sourced from selected growers around North Canterbury chosen for their ability to express unique regional and varietal characters. The wines are made by the Donaldson family at their Waipara Valley winery.

Main Divide Website

Mount Brown Estates

Mount Brown Estates – North Canterbury

Mount Brown Estates is a family owned winery from North Canterbury producing stunning Pinot Noir and aromatic wines from its three vineyards.

Mount Brown Estates Website

Mount Beautiful Wines

Mt. Beautiful Wines – North Canterbury

Mt. Beautiful wines are not only different from most New Zealand wines by way of their North Canterbury location, but they are also different in style. The wine style captures the essence of New Zealand while embracing a more restrained approach, with harmony and balance.

Mount Beautiful Wines Website

Pegasus Bay

Pegasus Bay – North Canterbury

Pegasus Bay is owned and operated by the Donaldson family who were pioneers of the local wine industry. Often referred to as the leading producer of fine wine in the region, Pegasus Bay produces complex and full flavoured wines with character from their home vineyard which is now more than 30 years old.

Pegasus Bay Website

Terrace Edge Vineyard

Terrace Edge – North Canterbury

Terrace Edge is a family-owned premium producer of organic wines in North Canterbury, recently awarded NZ Organic Vineyard of the Year. They will be showcasing their range of wines which includes Albarino, Syrah & St Laurent. Taste the dramatic landscape, captured in liquid form.

Terrace Edge Website

The Boneline

The Boneline – North Canterbury

Old vines growing through multi-terraced river gravels – winding through an ancient landscape of creatures & peoples. Hand-grown handmade wines from folk in love with this spectacular powerful terrain & terroir.

Exposed to many micro-climates, crafting many varietals, The Boneline share with you their diverse collection of sensational wines this December!

The Boneline Website

The Crater Rim

The Crater Rim – North Canterbury

The Crater Rim is a family owned boutique winery creating high quality, site-specific wines of individual character and drinkability, with its own vineyards situated in both the Omihi Hills and Waipara, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

The Crater Rim Website

The Winemakers Wife

The Winemaker’s Wife – North Canterbury

Winemaker Simon McGeorge and his wife Olive Hill are the creative force behind Waipara brand The Winemaker’s Wife. Their approach to winemaking combines their love of classic varieties with new world wine making techniques. The result is a range of quality wines, crafted for the taste conscious.

The Winemaker’s Wife Website

Torlesse Wines

Torlesse Wines – North Canterbury

Torlesse produces 100% Estate grown wines from Waipara. They’re known for their diverse whites, Pinot Noir and a 10-year old Tawny. Established in 1991, Torlesse are one of the oldest Wineries in Waipara.

Torlesse Wines Website