Akarua Wines

Akarua - Central Otago

Akarua is a premium wine producer from Bannockburn, Central Otago showcasing a selection of award-winning wines such as Pinot Noir, Methode Traditionelle Sparkling Wine, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

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Judge Rock Wines

Judge Rock Wines – Central Otago

Elegant Sensuous Intimate. A romance not a blockbuster, feminine not masculine, balance not power, family not corporate, and love not lust. The gravity of their pinot belies the size they are the Higgs Boson of Pinot Noir. Award winning organic Alexandra vineyard offering Pinot Noir, Rose, Blanc de Pinot, St Laurent and Port.

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Kalex Wines

Kalex Wines – Central Otago

Wine made without fining or filtration with minimal sulphur additions, these wines truly reflect a sense of place. With vineyards situated in the stunning Gibbston Valley and Bannockburn, Central Otago; Kalex Wines focus on producing exceptional, authentic wines.

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Maori Point Wines

Maori Point Wines – Central Otago

Maori Point is a stunning small vineyard and winery on the Clutha River in Central Otago. All wines are grown and made on site, by the people who own and love the place. Specialties are Pinot Noir (of course!) and the lovely Gold Digger, a unique sparkling Pinot Gris in a beer bottle.

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McArthur Ridge Wines

McArthur Ridge – Central Otago

Located in the heart of the mountainous New Zealand Central Otago region, McArthur Ridge is dedicated to producing outstanding Pinot Noirs. The first plantings were in 2002. The first vintage was produced in 2006. While the production is large only a small percentage of carefully selected, handpicked grapes finish up in the hands of the Winemaker for the McArthur Ridge Label.

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Mount Michael Wines

Mount Michael Wines – Central Otago

Mount Michael is the southernmost peak of the Pisa Range and guards Kawarau Gorge, the entrance to the Cromwell Basin, overlooking the subregions in which the wine is grown. Distinctively Central Otago; Mount Michael Wines are expressive of the land they come from and are treasured by all that know them.

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Peregrine Wines

Peregrine Wines – Central Otago

Peregrine is a privately owned Central Otago winery, dedicated to the production of premium Pinot Noir and a range of aromatic white wines. Organic farming is fundamental to every level of viticulture, with a holistic approach that integrates crop and livestock farming.

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Te Kano Estate

Te Kano – Central Otago

Like all who come here, the Lloyd Family fell in love with the other-worldly beauty of Central Otago – the land and the lifestyle. The name, Te Kano is Maori for seed. It reflects their commitment to the rejuvenation of the land we call home. Their wines are a sensory experience that could come from nowhere else.

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Wet Jacket Wines

Wet Jacket Wines – Central Otago

The Wet Jacket brand is a unique concept reverencing the history of farming in Central Otago and the early European history of New Zealand while celebrating the modern wine industry of today.

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